Opportunity to work with like-minded individuals and develop your creative skills

Imagine a greener future and learn how to create fashion that is both stylish and eco-friendly.

Build a strong foundation in the industry and take your career to the next level.

Immerse yourself in the latest fashion trends and develop a unique perspective on the industry

"Fashion can be sustainable and still be fashionable."

Stella McCartney
British fashion designer

"Sustainability is the most important challenge of design."

Philippe Starck
French Designer

"Sustainable fashion is not a trend, it's a necessity."

Vivienne Westwood
British fashion designer and activist

Sustainable fashion is not a luxury, it's an urgent need to protect our planet and our future."

Antonia Dell'Atte
Spanish environmentalist and sustainability advocate

"The objects should be repairable, refurbishable and able to use the climate as a design element."

Mario Cucinella

"Plants, animals, machines. Thinking together is the only way to try to imagine the future."

James Bridle
English artist and writer

"Circular fashion could represent 80 percent of the entire market, but it is only 3.6 percent."

Studio Ambrosetti
Art studio

"Creativity can save the world, it is a universal and inclusive language by nature. After all, what we need is for every single human being to take part in this discussion."

Giovanni Testino
co-founder of Art Partner

"I want the bags to have the appearance of soft bodies and highlight the wrinkles of the skin, like fluid drapes."

Emma Vivian
English designer living in Copenhagen
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